At Smallfry, we’ve been combining strategy with design for 50 years. We use simple language and clear visualisations to help cross-functional teams to see the vision and buy-in to the ‘transformational’ growth opportunities. A clear and compelling vision brings focus to your activities. Focus gets the best out of the collective energy and resources available throughout your organisation. Energy, enthusiasm and support will rise as people recognise that progress is being made and see the connection between their actions on a day-to-day basis and the achievement of your goals.

We work alongside you to innovate your business model, coach your team and provide a detailed roadmap, all the way to supply chain and implementation.

Innovation Process

Defining an innovation process increases a company’s future value, putting them ahead of others. Smallfry have developed a successful innovation process that follows the path from its origin through to product launch and beyond, however we understand that it is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The process of innovation needs to be designed around a company’s culture, to fit their style of work and their workforce’s personalities.

While known for our award-winning product design and engineering, along the way we’ve become experts in the process of innovation. Today we help clients like; M&S, GSK, the NHS, P&G, Boots, Unilever, PZ Cussons, Vax and Adidas to explore, define and exploit market opportunities. Our approach to strategic innovation is tried, tested and trusted to deliver excellent results and drive new business growth. Smallfry can help you find your own innovation success and ensure your company is able to effectively adapt to and lead future changes in the market

Human Centred Approach

Human Centred Design is the process of putting the end user at the heart of the process, by using design tools to create products, services and experiences that have a deep understanding and empathy for the needs of people. Smallfry have used this process for decades with numerous success stories, having recently helped one of our clients – Quanta DT to design and develop a revolutionary dialysis machine that can be used both in the home and in hospitals. This allowed users to carry out their daily dialysis treatment from the comfort of their own homes – radically improving their daily lives. Through using this approach, we can help give you the competitive advantage within the market, reduce development costs and strengthen your customer relationships.

By harnessing intuitive ‘emphatic’ skills to understand consumers’ deeper emotions, experience and level of engagement, we help you to uncover their reason to buy.  As experienced innovation consultants, we understand that a successful innovation strategy needs courage, tenacity and a blend of ‘Emotional Logic’.  While ideas come from individuals, innovation will need the committed effort of your whole team.

Research and Insights

Working as part of the Human Centred Design process we undertake comprehensive research and analysis to understand customer needs and as a result we deliver products and services that are built for the user.

Business Strategy

We work with senior managers to define market-driven strategies and then create and manage cross-functional collaborative teams to implement them.

By holistically analysing your business challenges we will unearth unique customer insights which help inform addressable market segments with relevant and meaningful solutions. Put simply, we turn insights into action. By aligning our activities with the goals and ambition of your team, product and brand we can contribute collaboratively, offering a balance of both project management and leadership.