New Product Development

Our new product development process (NPD) starts with understanding market context and building knowledge of what’s currently happening in the client’s industry. This means defining the competitor landscape and developing insights and marketing strategy. The product range or service can then be aligned to this rationale and improvements and opportunities can be discovered. Once we have a market validated product, our team of experts will make sure that it meets its full potential whilst ensuring that the product design intent is maintained throughout the manufacturing process.


I want to break new ground and find ‘blue ocean’ opportunities. First of a kind.

When you set out to make the competition irrelevant you need to understand where to look and how to create and capture new demand.  You’ll need to journey to untapped spaces and places to discover where profits and growth are and the competition isn’t.  We bring our expertise in design research to uncover inspired insights.

We can help you see new opportunities and articulate an inspiring vision to motivate others. By standing back to reflect upon where you are and where you need to be, you can benefit from an impartial perspective. We offer qualified and systematic support to chart a plan of attack and create that compelling vision of your future. So vital in uniting the activities of a cross-functional management team.

Our process and partnership network scan the horizon to clarify the levels of technology readiness and relevance to your business goals.  We use simple language and clear visualisations to help cross-functional teams to see the vision and buy-in to the ‘transformational’ growth opportunities. We work alongside you to innovate your business model, coach your team and provide a detailed roadmap, all the way to supply chain and implementation.


I want a fresh perspective to excite my team and refresh my market positioning.

We can help you and your team think differently by bringing an alternative fresh perspective.  We can study the challenge that others have faced and see something different.

Smallfry have specially developed tools and techniques to evaluate information and surface insights and solutions that others will miss. By adding our Fresh perspectives we can help to energise and align in-house teams. Teaching new ways of working and leaving a legacy to follow. While many people will understand and appreciate best practice business models, few need to practically apply them every day. We do. And we understand which will work best under different circumstances, combining creativity, commercial rigour and practical delivery experience to generate growth with lasting impact.

We work with senior managers to define market-driven strategies and then create and manage cross-functional collaborative teams to implement them. By holistically analysing your business challenges we will unearth unique customer insights which help inform addressable market segments with relevant and meaningful solutions.  Put simply, we turn insights into action. By aligning our activities with the goals and ambition of your team, product and brand we can contribute collaboratively.  We offer a balance of both project management and leadership.


I want my idea commercialised as soon as possible, on time, on budget, on brief.

When you clearly know what you need and you’re in a hurry, we can help.  With a focused vision of the outcome you seek, we can offer the full support of our experienced team to deliver what you want, when you want it at a price that’s right.

With the market research covered, the strategy defined and the project objectives detailed, you may simply need to draw on the talent of people familiar with translating concepts and dreams into commercially feasible reality.  Our experts know how to turn an idea into a real thing.  When it’s time to make it tangible, functional and beautiful, it’s time to bring it to life Fast.

The real value of 50 years’ experience is knowing how and when to do the ‘right thing’ at the ‘right time’  With a clear goal we can help build an action plan that will get you results, without compromising quality and effectively minimising the risks. We design products and services with a focus on making it real. Engineering, prototyping, and fabrication are fundamental components of our design process.