Inhaler Technology

The Inspiratory Muscle Trainer

Powerbreathe, is an electronic inspiratory muscle trainer developed to assist in breathing training which can be applied to achieve both sporting and health associated breathing benefits. By providing a resistance to the airflow as you breathe in, the Powerbreathe products help to strengthen the breathing muscles, reduce breathlessness and improve stamina. They have a great benefit to those with medical conditions (e.g. asthma, COPD or emphysema) as well as directly improving the performance of a wide range of athletes.

3D model of Powerbreathe
Design sketches for Powerbreathe

Beyond the Specification

Smallfry were briefed to design and develop the small hand held electronic device to specific market requirements. The product needed to be ergonomic, user friendly, easy to assemble, incorporating reliable functionality and provide easy to understand results. Working with the HAB team, Smallfry incorporated their technology and electronics and provided an aesthetic packaging solution for their device incorporating their patentable design features

Interchangeable Assemblies

A particular requirement was to incorporate an interchangeable head assembly that could be removed for cleaning and sterilisation. As the head contains the core valve mechanism, and the device needs to know the valve position, this called for an ingenious mechanical interface combined with an electro-mechanical system to re- index the valve on every use.

Line drawings for Powerbreathe

Design for Manufacture

Smallfry’s design objective was to develop the principle into a manufacturable, mass market product. This not only meant creating an appealing and ergonomic design, but also integrating the complex electronic and mechanical demands to ensure functionality, reliability and ease of assembly.

Product Differentiation

Differentiating the various product derivatives within the Powerbreathe range was also a key requirement to the successful marketing of the product. This has been achieved by utilising graphics and colour changes for some of the product plastics to maximise the difference at each price-point.