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We Turn Ideas Into Market Leading Products

Smallfry is an award-winning industrial design consultancy that takes ideas, explores their potential and makes them a reality. We inspire companies to discover, develop, design and deliver innovative products to target markets.

Ideas & Innovation

Identify emerging trends, themes and disruptive forces that influence today’s dynamic marketplace. Develop the insight and energy to separate the innovative ideas from the rest.

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Research & Observation

Take macro-market trends, add niche-market needs, understand customer behaviour and observe functional use cases to ensure all opportunities for success are in plain sight.

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Design & Engineering

Sketch, model, CAD and design whilst always considering the human, material, functional, manufacturing, patentable and financial constraints of the product design.

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Rapid Prototyping

Turn design concepts into touchable, testable prototypes for customers.  Refine, remake and evolve to improve the look, feel and function before moving to full-scale production.

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Get custom batch production from injection moulded plastic to aluminium to carbon fibre. Find a trusted partner for British, EU and off-shore high volume manufacturing.

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Align departments to deliver upgraded features, product range additions and brand new products to market faster. Anticipate and plan product launches with higher ROI.

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Ready to be First?

Are you ready for innovation that creates new markets and value networks? To be FIRST you need to find uncontested market space that makes the competition irrelevant. Forecasting sociological, technological and product design trends, we conceive scenarios, ideas and solutions to explore ways of ‘future-proofing’ your business. This allows you to stay ahead of disruptive forces instead of becoming victim to them.

Want to be Fresh?

Do you want more than a product design? Do you need to challenge your team to find different perspectives which will give them a range of FRESH, inspiring ideas. Our systematic approach to new product development uses market research, competitive analysis and visual mapping tools to make it easy to see the emerging opportunities, explore innovations and focus a team’s energy on creating customer-centric products.

Need to be Fast?

Know what you want and need expert product designers to deliver it FAST? Let our industrial design team help you achieve the ideal balance of speed, quality and cost. We use state-of-the-art software, 3D CAD and rapid prototyping to manage and communicate the design development process. We ensure projects progress rapidly and smooth, from product design, pre-production and through to manufacturing.

We deliver innovative product designs for brands big and small

Smallfry opened our eyes to new opportunities and the idiosyncrasies of the European market. It was a very stimulating process and the resulting designs are an asset to our brand.- CharBroil International
Smallfry brought a level of elegance and sophistication to our product that has received great reactions from our customers. Their sourcing and manufacturing knowledge has undoubtedly helped us improve our commercial proposition and delivered real competitive advantage.- Metrasens Ltd
This concept is exciting and a real opportunity for many similar applications. Matching strong market awareness and understanding with technical innovation makes for a very formidable team.- Molins Technologies
Smallfry came up with something fantastic that has a real uniqueness to the look of our product.- SPApliance


Turn A Commodity Into A Speciality

Marks & Spencer wanted to replace their handheld travel fan with an exclusive and differentiated product design. We were challenged to transform a widely available commodity into a unique M&S product design with maximum shelf appeal but with the same cost.

We turned the common fan into a ‘must-have’ compact device by adding an adjustable head, mobile phone-like ergonomics and articulating arm.  The new M&S travel fan doubled its sales volumes and achieved a positive return on its product design investment within the first 12 days of going on sale.

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We are one of Britain’s best product design companies and work with clients in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Cambridge, Liverpool and across the UK.