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Smallfry designs, develops, and delivers innovative products for target markets using our trademark product development process.

Award-winning product design and innovation

We are an industrial design consultancy that takes ideas, explores their potential and then turns them into real products for your customers. That’s because we believe the best way to predict your future is to create it.

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To be FIRST in the market you need an industrial design consultancy that can help you create uncontested market space and make the competition irrelevant. Forecasting sociological, technological and product design trends, we conceive scenarios, ideas and solutions to explore and evaluate the impact that emerging markets have on your business. This allows you to keep up with disruptive forces instead of becoming victim to them.

Do You Want To Be FRESH

Sometimes you want more than a product design, you need your team to experience a journey together which will give them a FRESH, inspiring perspective on a range of ideas. Our systematic approach to new product development uses market research, competitive analysis and visual mapping tools to make it easy to see the emerging opportunities, explore innovations and focus on creating customer-centric products.

Do You Want To Be FAST

Do you know what you want and just need expert product designers to deliver it FAST? Let our industrial design team help you achieve the ideal balance of speed, quality and cost. We use state-of-the-art software, 3D CAD and rapid prototyping to manage and communicate the design development process. We ensure projects progress rapidly and smooth, from product design, pre-production and through to manufacturing.

We deliver product designs for brands big and small


Fan Design Doubled Sales for M&S

Marks & Spencer wanted to replace their existing handheld travel fan with an exclusive and differentiated product design. We were challenged to transform a widely available commodity into a unique M&S product design with maximum shelf appeal but with the same cost.

We turned the common fan into a ‘must-have’ device by adding an adjustable head, mobile phone-like ergonomics and articulating arm.  All in a compact design that fits in your pocket.

The new M&S travel fan doubled volumes and achieved a positive return on its product design investment within the first 12 days of going on sale.

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Unearth Insights For Product Design Differentiation

Smallfry opened our eyes to new opportunities and the idiosyncrasies of the European market. It was a very stimulating process and the resulting designs are an asset to our brand.- CharBroil International
Smallfry brought a level of elegance and sophistication to our product that has received great reactions from our customers. Their sourcing and manufacturing knowledge has undoubtedly helped us improve our commercial proposition and delivered real competitive advantage.- Metrasens Ltd
This concept is exciting and a real opportunity for many similar applications. Matching strong market awareness and understanding with technical innovation makes for a very formidable team.- Molins Technologies
Smallfry came up with something fantastic that has a real uniqueness to the look of our product.- SPApliance

Shark Cordless Sweeper

Designed a contemporary casing to match Shark’s high spec internal engineering.

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Hue HD Camera

Took market insights from teachers to design technology that works for their classrooms.

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Tails Cocktails

Developed structural packaging and branding to bring cocktail bar experience into homes.

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Our unique approach as an industrial design consultancy is to focus on key areas of innovation strategy and product development to make sure you, your team and the wider audience are on the same page.

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We are one of Britain’s best product design companies and work with clients in London, Birmingham, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Cambridge, Liverpool and across the UK.