Drone Technology

Eolos, named after the God of Winds, is an ambitious and innovative new personal transportation unit that uses advanced drone technology to save lives. Drone technology has seen a surge of interest in recent years in sectors like inspection, surveillance and risk assessment, allowing operators to get incredibly detailed feedback from areas that would be too risky for humans to access. Eolos promises to take this technology further, allowing large payloads of supplies to be delivered as well as the ability to rescue people from seemingly inaccessible areas. When the option of sending in helicopters, boats, fire engines or people is simply impractical, Eolos can step in.
Eolos was the outcome of Smallfry’s unique strategic approach towards problem solving combined with aesthetics that aid the function of the design. This concept looks beyond existing markets and into the future the technology has to offer.
When asked about the inspiration behind Eolos, Smallfry’s CEO, Steve May-Russell said: We are constantly inspired by the ‘magic’ inherent in new technology, and the relentless need to innovate, surprise and challenge in order to raise the bar and capture people’s imagination. The enthusiasm behind Eolos, is simple: “When others ask ‘why?’, we simply ask, ‘why not?’


Eolos Drone Technology by Smallfry
Final sketch of the Smallfry drone technology
Component of the Smallfry rescue drone
Backpack component of the Smallfry rescue drone
Aerial look at rescue drone technology component
Drone Technology components
Detailed look at the Eolos rescue drone
Close up of the manufacturing components of the rescue drone
Motor of the Smallfry rescue drone