At Smallfry, our highly skilled engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience to turn your ideas into viable design solutions. Fundamentally, we believe excellent products need excellent engineering. Our sophisticated facilitates enable us to take on a wide range of engineering challenges and solve complex problems, whilst ensuring a reliable and cost-effective solution.

We design with mass-manufacturing in mind and believe a great design must also be fabricated reliably and efficiently, while also maintaining beautiful forms and function. Care and attention is given to each component, to be individually designed and also to work as a cohesive system to create successful product designs.

Mechanical Engineering

Our on site mechanical engineers are experienced in turning research ideas in to technically functioning products. This aspect can be approached in many ways, through computer aided design and modelling, understanding mechanical systems and equipment which may be relevant to the brief, presenting design plans and data to managers and clients, producing technical documentation and overseeing maintenance programs and quality control.

Electronics Development

Working closely with our electronics partner, we can provide a full product development service, from product design through to the specification and realisation of the electronics and electro-mechanical systems – resulting in a truly integrated design.

Our partner companies have a wealth of experience, with strong teams of experienced electronics engineers who have in-depth knowledge of both hardware and software design for both high and low volumes, meaning any brief or product can be achieved, whatever the scale.

Technical Documents

To take your developed concept to production, our engineers will create tailored technical documentation to suit the specification of each individual component. Geometry, material and production process will precisely instruct the fabrication of your design and prepare it for production. We will advise you on the best choice of materials and manufacturing processes to create a cost effective, efficient and sustainable path to production, whilst producing and supplying industry standard technical documentation to manufacturing partners.


Using our Finite Element Analysis (FEA) software, we can develop accurate insights towards the mechanical performance of parts and systems before the start of any prototyping. We utilise these accurate simulations to create more informed prototypes and reduce the amount needed to be constructed. Hence, improving the cost and time to develop a concept into production.

We provide a wide range of FEA services. These include:

  • Structural analysis for mechanical stress, strain, stiffness and forces
  • Thermodynamics and fluid simulations.
  • Dynamic simulations of mechanisms, gears, motors, etc


With more competition than ever before, it is crucial that you can ensure the quality of the product you are offering. At Smallfry, we are thorough, from user testing through to mechanical and electronic testing. Rigorous product and user quality checks are conducted throughout the development process and before mass manufacture. Our testing techniques evaluate how safely, effectively and efficiently a product or system can be used by its intended audience. Our team of professionals have years of experience testing products and systems and are committed to developing quality products, many of which have since gone on to achieve unprecedented success in their respective markets.