Over the past 50 years, Smallfry has gained a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and a reputation across many sectors. This variety of work has shaped our team in to a multi-disciplined, reactive group of creatives, capable of tackling the most challenging briefs and deliver successful results.


Smallfry have been creating products, services and experiences for the past 50 years. Over this time, we have amassed a great and diverse portfolio, helping businesses, both small and large, turn their ideas into a reality. Not one of these projects have been the same and each one of these has demanded a unique set of skills, disciplines and considerations. We categorise these projects into medical, industrial and consumer.


Smallfry tackles a variety of briefs ranging in complexity and time scales. However, we consistantly approach our product development from a human-centred perspective. We delve into every aspect of the problem and build a deep understanding of the target users daily life, hopes and goals. This process has proven to create successful consumer products which speak to the users unique issues; creating a valued experience, and a product which stands out from the crowd.


At Smallfry, we take a lot of pride and responsibility from our work in the medical design industry. These products have the power to significantly influence the way we live our lives by improving the way people manage their health or the health of others. In medical design, it is vital to ensure design decisions will result in non-intrusive, sympathetic and well-designed products. Hence, our user-centred design process is a vital system to ensure we have a comprehensive understanding of the user’s pain-points, needs and perspective


We understand that industrial equipment must be built to the highest of standards so that professionals can work efficiently and safely . Our goal is create products which enhance the working experience and remove impediments, increasing the quality and productivity of clients work. Our team of designers and engineers ensure our industrial products can be used time and time again, sometimes in extreme conditions, so you can have the confidence that your products will perform accurately and consistently.