Garden Products Packaging

Redefining Garden Health

The Brief

As part of a brand overhaul, the new Westland packaging provides an unrivalled and engaging visual impact on the shelf amongst its competitors. Since launch the new packaging has increased market penetration for the brand and delivered significant sales growth.

Design sketches of Wetland garden product packaging
CAD development - Wetland Products

Concept Generation

Our designers create concepts using high quality sketching in order to pitch ideas within the studio. We’ve found manual sketching to be the fastest method of producing a broad range of concepts.

Concept Refinement

Transforming selected initial ideas into considered designs, aligned with Westland’s brief combined hand sketches with digital rendering techniques to produce a client-ready proposal.

CAD development of consumer products
Foam models of Wetland packaging

CNC Prototyping

In order to provide Westland and their commercial stockists with a tangible representation of the final products prior to tooling, CNC machined foam prototypes were commissioned.