Gadget Show
Headset Tech

Wearable Headset Technology

Working with the Media

Smallfry frequently works with Chanel 5’s The Gadget show. Through this partnership we’ve built a reputation for fast and reliable delivery of design services for the media industry.

The Gadget Show logo
Wearable tech on the Gadget Show

Concept Development

Our design team use high quality sketching and marker rendering to convey ideas internally as part of our iterative design process. We’ve found manual sketching produces a broader range of concepts, faster.

The Final Cut

The Gadget Show chose to film much of the concept development and testing at our studio. The appearance model featured heavily in the final broadcast to pitch the wearable device to industry experts.

Smallfry team featured on the Gadget Show
Mannequin showcasing wearable head tech

Rapid Prototyping

Smallfry’s in house 3D printer and model making facilities are able to produce high quality 3D appearance models within limited deadlines, whilst also being competitively priced.