Wearable Tech
Anticipating the Future

Wearable Technology

The Brief

Smallfry have a strong background in wearable devices and as a result were commissioned by Imperial College London to investigate the possibilities of wearable technology.

Mannequin showcasing wearable technology
Wearable technology as a headset


Smallfry’s design team use high quality sketching and marker rendering to demonstrate ideas internally as part of our iterative design process. Our wearable device concepts provide a glimpse of what we can do.

Visualising the Future

The neckwear concept was brought to life in CAD as a surface model to produce a 3D visualisation of each concept. Our team find surface models to be a fast and accurate way of communicating design intent.

Mannequin with wearable technology
headset details

3D Development

As part of an iterative process, further work was carried out enhance the initial concept. The resulting model enabled fast, highly detailed 3D renderings of the design to be generated.

Physical and Virtual Prototyping

The Smallfry team virtually tested the neckwear using data from a 3D scanning of an anthropometric mannequin. This provided a reference for the device’s form and size, enabling an accurate 3D model to be printed.

Close up look at wearable tech