TMP Bollard
Road Passive Safety

Traffic Management Products

The Challenge

TMP approached Smallfry with the challenge of creating a bollard which would not only withstand the often permanent deformation seen after contact with a vehicle but that also housed two lead acid batteries and a solar panel.

Components of a road safety bollard
Sketches of a road safety bollard

Initial Form

The team started the project by exploring a range of forms which established a unique and recognisable identity for the client whilst also remaining sensitive to the product’s end use environment.

CAD Packaging Design

The concept then had to be realised in a 3D CAD scheme which not only retained the design intent of the concept but also accommodated all of the ‘hard points’ such as essential hardware or legislative requirements.

product design analysis
Sketch of road bollard product testing

Iterative Development

Using virtual engineering techniques, Smallfry were able to develop concept geometry with full visibility of the real world effect on the product’s ability to withstand it’s target load case.

Virtual Verification

After development was complete, full non-linear dynamic finite element analysis (FEA) was implemented to perform a series of virtual tests designed to verify the appropriateness of the design. This form of assessment enabled the team to have a strong level of confidence in the design before investing the large sums of money often involved in real world physical testing.

2 yellow road bollards