The Beauty Orb

The Beauty Orb

A Spa Experience

Jane Scrivner have developed a strong luxury brand of skin-care therapy products, perfected over years of experience in the Health Spa industry. Smallfry were challenged to conceive a product solution that would safely heat the wax, retain the temperature long enough for a full therapy session and provide a convenient and appropriate expression of the brand.

Simple, clean design for a beauty treatment product
Smallfry sketches during the design process of the Beauty Orb

Under the Skin

Although it may look beautiful and serene from the outside, the Orb is crammed full of advanced technology, enabling it to perform a rather clever task. At the centre of the Orb is a revolutionary ‘phase-change material’ technology that ensures the wax remains heated throughout the therapy session. This is recharged using an elegant base station which includes an attractive ring of light to indicate the status of the heat cycle.

Prototype Production

Through the use of our in-house 3D printer, a prototype for review was quickly produced. This confirmed the accurate sizing of the orb- big enough to hold sufficient product for an entire treatment, yet small enough to fit comfortably into the palm of your hand.

3D model of a beauty product
Inside look at the beauty orb design

Simple, Clean Design

The orb combines gorgeous aesthetics with cutting edge innovation, delivering the challenges set by our client. Slotting easily into existing treatment routines, our product design adds value to the therapy and simplifies preparation.

Manufacturing & Feasibility

From a technical perspective, this consumer beauty product utilises ABS, Polypropylene and POM to cope with internal temperatures of over 120°C. The product retains as much heat as possible and resists thermal cycling and the aggressive chemical properties of the waxes.

Design plan for the Beauty Orb