Crafting an Uninterrupted
Spa Experience

The Beauty Orb

There’s nothing relaxing about a spa experience that gets interrupted mid-session. Many salons use improvised kitchen equipment to heat waxes, clays and mud products. Apart from the air of unprofessionalism this brings, it also means the therapist needs to leave the client mid-treatment to re-heat the product.

Simple, clean design for a beauty treatment product
Smallfry sketches during the design process of the Beauty Orb

Jane Scrivner partnered with Smallfry to create a spa experience that could run uninterrupted for the duration of a client’s session. We worked closely with Jane, engineers and therapists to identify the unmet needs of salon clients. We realised the experience needed to be reconsidered not only to create a relaxing environment for the client, but to enable a better working experience for the therapist.

The resulting product, SPAliance, is portable, can be heated in only 15 minutes and by utilising phase-change technology can retain heat for an entire one-hour session. SPAliance gives therapists less activities to juggle during the session and the client can enjoy a seamless, relaxing experience.

3D model of a beauty product
Inside look at the beauty orb design

Despite its complex functionality, the Orb has a simple, intuitive user interface. Stemming from our iterative user centred design, the Orb can be assembled, operated and cleaned with ease, separating into only a few parts.

Inside, SPAliance, utilises intricate engineering to maintain and cope with temperatures exceeding 120°C. Outside, the products clean, elegant form reflects the calm environment it sits within. Because of SPAliance, therapists can now enjoy a stress free reliable performance and provide a truly relaxing experience for their clients.

Design plan for the Beauty Orb