Cordless Sweepers

Shark Cleaning Products

Re-Inventing the Range

With an American heritage, Shark wanted to create a new aesthetic for its range of cordless sweepers that would be more appropriate and appealing to the European market.

Shark cordless sweeper design sketches
Shark cordless sweeper design sketch

A Family of Three

The principle mechanics of these machines incorporated some innovative features which needed to be retained. The focus of this work was to develop a new aesthetic for a family of three sweepers comprising a ‘Good’, ‘Better’ and ‘Best’ price point and feature architecture.

The Challenge

It was important to control the capital costs for the redevelopment whilst addressing key issues that had been identified through customer feedback. Smallfry reviewed the current sweeper range to pinpoint the core strengths and weakness and then developed a range of concepts to show what could be achieved with different levels of investment.

Design sketches for Shark
Shark cordless sweeper range

Minimise Investment Cost

When redesigning the new family of products Smallfry needed to be mindful of the impact on existing components. The consequential tooling needed to be carefully rationalised to minimise the investment costs.

The Outcome

The result was a new range of products with improved ergonomics, functionality and a clean, contemporary brand identity. The range is now being rolled out across a number of the UK’s top retailers.

Shark cordless sweeper prototype