Stress Sense Wristband

Sensixa Intuitive Wristband

The Challenge

Smallfry were asked to create a range of concepts for a new, intuitive wristband that can sense stress and movement in children who have learning difficulties or communication issues.

Sensixa products in different colours
Green Sensixa product

CAD Development

The selected wristband concept was further enhanced within CAD to incorporate the internal moulding features. A sample colour scheme was also rendered to illustrate a realistic final outcome.

Audience Suitability

It was important that the device was sleek and appealing as well as being small, easy to put on and suitable for a wide range of children’s wrist sizes. Simultaneously, the product needed to remain robust and resistant to tampering, as well as complying with the appropriate child safety standards.

Pink Sensixa product
Sensixa wristband on a model

User Testing

Using the rapid prototypes Smallfry carried out batch research to gain an in-depth understanding of the task, user and environment, this helped to realise the project to a successful outcome.


Smallfry were also commissioned by Sensixa to create a 1:1 scale representation of the final product before the process continued. Using our in house Objet 3D printer, we delivered a highly accurate appearance model for client evaluation.

Sensixa wristband prototype