Rycote PCS
A Revolution in Sound

Industry Leader

Rycote are the industry leader in the field of on-location audio capture accessories.  They made their name when they created the classic Microphone Windshield – the grey furry lozenge which you often see pointed at politicians and celebrities in news interviews. They are now known worldwide for products that are reliable and function in environmental extremes when filming in war zones or capturing wildlife in programs like Blue Planet.

The Vision

Rycote have partnered with Smallfry to help them maintain an innovation pipeline that ensures that each new product released supports and contributes towards their market leading positon and builds on their global brand reputation. The PCS – Professional Connection System is the latest product of this ongoing relationship.

A Revolution in Sound

Sound engineers need to quickly select the right microphone and boom pole for the job and then get up and running to capture the action before it’s too late. Smallfry worked with Rycote to design a universal Quick Release system aimed at making the set-up and use of microphones faster and more user friendly, replacing a traditional screw thread attachment with a simple click-on assembly that you can operate with one hand.

Critical Technical Function

Key to the function of the PCS is that the connection needs to be extremely secure and not have any movement which would be easily picked up as noise on the microphone. The unique design uses a powerful spring to pull the tip securely down into the socket, using a wedge approach to ensure there cannot be any rattle.

Precision Engineered

The Rycote PCS is designed using high quality machined components using anodized aircraft grade aluminium and stainless steel, along with precision mouldings.

A covert aesthetic is designed to avoid any distraction or reflections if the PCS comes into shot. The connection created is strong enough to ensure the microphone rig remains securely attached, even when it is on the end of a 5m boom pole hanging over the head of a Hollywood star.

Rigorously Tested

Rycote products are used all around the world in every conceivable situation where sound capture is required, from movie sets to arctic expeditions, deserts, rain-forests or out at sea. The PCS needed to perform in all of these situations, coping with extremes of temperature, humidity as well as dirt, sand and ice. Smallfry worked closely with Rycote to rigorously test the device before bringing it to market.

A Systematic Approach

The new product is a key part of what will be a wider system of products. The system will provide a range of optional attachments that enable easy and seamless integration of the PCS into each user’s individual requirements.


We are confident that after this product launch it won’t be long before the Rycote name becomes synonymous with another industry-changing device. Smallfry continue its relationship with Rycote and will strive to produce innovative solutions for the industry, tackling both technical and usability challenges and excitedly anticipating future product launches.

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