Partnership with ICL &
Gates Foundation
24th August 2016

Smallfry is excited to announce a new partnership with Imperial College London and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to develop user-driven community engagement, frugal innovation and some very exciting experimental research & development techniques. Following a collaborative bid, it was confirmed last week that the EPSRC have awarded funding for a new research project related to the SMART-Endomicroscopy grant.

The Gates foundation share our passion for supporting frugal innovation by aiming to achieve low-cost solutions for new high-tech innovative technology, within developed  and developing  countries.  This challenging project has been identified as a significant advance in the global diagnostics of illness and disease.  In particular, for children who are too small to undergo existing adult procedures, therefore this research into optical biopsy is especially key in a global context.

Smallfry has been working with the Professors at The Imperial College London to develop cutting edge surgical robotics and Assistive wearable tech using a process of  human-centred design for surgery and medical applications.