Otoport Screener

Otodynamics Products

A Fresh Perspective

A pioneer and leader in the field of otoacoustic emissions instruments, Otodynamics approached Smallfry for help with a design refresh to produce realistic production standard prototypes for an upcoming exhibition.

Otoport product and base
Otodynamics design ideas

Design for Manufacture

As well as generating concepts which incorporated a docking station, we needed to completely re-tool the existing product. By designing for manufacture we ensured a cost effective method for tool design.

Model Mock-ups

To quickly confirm correct sizing and component placement in relation to usability and ergonomic consideration, a range of foam prototypes were modelled in-house, being a quick, cheap method to reduce risk of error at later stages.

Otodynamics sketch model
3D model of Otodynamics

Rapid Prototyping

With the exhibition date looming, there was only time to commission prototypes, as opposed to fully functional products. To fully capitalise on the event, these prototypes had to look and feel like realistic production standard devices so that they didn’t sway potential customers away.

Design for the Future

Following the success at the exhibition, Otodynamics required assistance in sourcing manufacturing partners to fulfil exhibition orders. Our considered design for manufacture enabled a more streamlined process, which in turn reduced both production time and overheads.

Otodynamics prototypes