Innovation Workshops

Innovating the NHS

Innovation Workshops

The government wants the NHS to deliver better results, giving patients more choice and doctors and nurses more freedom to shape services that meet patients’ needs. When the Innovation Health and Wealth: accelerating adoption and diffusion in the NHS paper was written , it set out a delivery agenda for spreading innovation at pace and scale throughout the NHS.

NHS Turnimator
Neonatal heart rate monitor baby diagram

Prioritising Processes

Utilising our Created Futures™ process, we understood individual priorities and operational levers to deliver a robust process for assessing new a product and service ideas. We listened and learned and then carefully developed a repeatable process aligned to key strategic objectives at HEFT.

Adaptable Frameworks

Developing bespoke frameworks to communicate user behaviours and insights enabled to effectively filter and assess which ideas should be developed, the internal Innovation team are empowered to accelerate the ‘right’ ideas forward.

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Design sketch for a neonatal heart monitor

Aligning Ideas

In a busy NHS setting, operational imperatives obviously take priority. But we are enabling innovation inertia to be overcome by asking the ‘awkward’ questions, and aligning thinking around strategic values and criteria.

Experienced Support

In a concierge role, our extensive user research, manufacturing, technical and commercial know-how gained from extensive work with retailers and other industry sectors allows us to be the go-to place for guidance and support in product development projects.

Storyboard for a NHS product