Massey Ferguson
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Massey Ferguson

An Overdue Update

Massey Ferguson needed a major structural redesign of its chassis, the first since the 1950’s. While the internal gearbox configurations had undergone numerous iterations over the decades the external components had not changed significantly in all that time.

Design sketch of the Massey Ferguson tractor
Components of a tractor design

Design Development

Our design team took a hands on approach to understanding the real life demands placed on tractors when working all hours in all weathers on the farm. We worked alongside the farmers, where we discovered unique needs, like how important it is for the farmers to be able to accommodate their dog in the cab.

1:1 Prototyping

Numerous full-scale models were instrumental in sharing iterative design ideas across a broad spectrum of team members to evaluate impact and consequences while continually checking transfer line handling and clearances.

Product design prototype
Red Massey Ferguson tractor

More than a Re-design

The project was a significant undertaking for Smallfry, amongst our roles we were required to provide overall co-ordination and communication of the marketing and design objectives to a large group of multi-disciplinary teams who would be responsible for its ultimate implementation.

Ergonomic Consideration

During the development research, the Smallfry team began to appreciate the long hours spent within the tractor cabin. This insight spearheaded the extensive ergonomic development of the new cab and control systems.

Sketch of Massey Ferguson ergonomics