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The Family Feel

Lloyds pharmacy approached Smallfry with the vision to develop their own Body Composition Monitor, replacing an off the shelf product they currently offer. With a desire to create a distinct family within their cohesive line of products, Smallfry were given freedom to develop this to a production-ready standard.

Lloyds Pharmacy body composition monitor
Product designs sketches for Lloyds Pharmacy


The key attributes to integrate throughout concept generation were ease of use, a higher perceived value than the current offering and a more professional medical look with clean and modern styling.

Development Stages

To ensure ergonomic feasibility, foam models were produced of the preferred concept, with iterations refined and details finalised, before using the in-house 3D printer and model-making facilities to create an accurately sized prototype.

3D prints of Lloyds medical product
Close up of a medical product by Lloyds

Style Directions

A premium, professional look with clean finishes suggested a medical-like aesthetic, with an intuitive design making handling of the device seem obvious, ensuring the finished result suited our clients image.

Design for Manufacture

Through careful consideration towards tooling constraints throughout the medical product design process, and implementing a design-for-manufacture approach to the project, the finalised concept surface CAD was of a production-ready standard, allowing a quick time to market.

Sketch idea for a medical product