Karvol Vaporiser
Crookes Healthcare

Karvol Consumer Product

The Brief

To replace a recalled consumer product, the new Karvol plug-in vaporiser had to be the most advanced product in the field for child safety and user benefits.  

Karvol consumer product design
Consumer product design process

A Fresh Perspective

In the product design phase, Smallfry created a new dispensing & vaporising system for the Karvol oil to eliminate any potential contact.  The existing bottle of actively fragranced oil was replaced with a new system that remains foil sealed until the unit closed. The oil is then dispensed through an absorbent pad which keeps the oil contained and provides a measured 3 nights does.  

Design Development

To eliminate any child access to the active parts, a positive locking system was developed that utilises a new cartridge as a release key. Access to the release mechanism also requires the until to be un-plugged.

Karvol product components
Karvol product prototype

Initial Prototyping

A series of rapid prototypes were used to optimise the complex mechanical elements to ensure safety and reliability. Prototypes were also used for child safety trials before off-tool parts were available.

The Outcome

Crookes Healthcare was able to patent many aspects of the new vaporiser design, strengthening their position in a highly competitive, fast moving consumer market.

Karvol Consumer Product Design