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Hue HD Technology

Why the Need?

The Hue HD USB webcam is much more than a versatile High Definition USB camera and microphone. By being cleverly targeted at a niche application within the educational market, what performs well as a simple A4 document scanner also serves as a brilliant stop frame animation tool. Paired with a simple and intuitive software interface, it enables children to easily produce outstanding animations with satisfying results. Naturally, with such a well-focussed solution the final package commands a premium price and healthy margin.

Fun angle of a red Hue HD webcam
Smallfry sketches during the design process for Hue HD cameras


From a hardware perspective an important ambition of the design direction was to portray a fun, playful product. Put simply, our designers aim was to put a smile on your face!

CAD Development

The selected concept was further enhanced through the use of CAD to confirm the functionality and fit of all components concerned. Features such as the flexible spine and location of on-board LED’s housed in the head were practically resolved.

Design components of the Hue HD camera

Initial Prototyping

To help translate the concept into manufacturing details and specifications high quality, rapid prototypes were used extensively to validate the feasibility and practicality of our intent.

Audience Suitability

A professional persona was proven to be important to encourage both teachers and pupils to use it. When paired with the intuitive interface software of the stop frame animation function the whole experience was designed to enable maximum creativity and allow people to go wild with their imagination.

Software for the HUE HD camera