How Well Designed Educational Tools
Allow Children to Learn by Making Mistakes

Hue HD Technology

The next genius of animation is in the classroom right now! But will their talent ever be discovered? Hue partnered with Smallfry to develop an animation experience that was more accessible to young people and could access their untapped potential.

Fun angle of a red Hue HD webcam
Smallfry sketches during the design process for Hue HD cameras

Many movies today are made on computers, animated using complex render programs. It’s not an experience that excites young people. HUE takes us back to the foundation of animation: stop motion. We found that by holding an object of your own making, manipulating it with your own hands and making it real on camera; it makes the learning experience profoundly more effective.

But stop motion is by no means easy, most stop motion products don’t hold the attention of children for very long. We decided to remove all the mess from the experience. No complicated controls or dials. Just point, click and create. With a system that has few rules to follow, children can make the ‘mistakes’ required to hone a creative mind.

Design components of the Hue HD camera

Often educators have no animation experience themselves. HUE comes with intuitive software that both adults and children can learn. We made sure the time between learning and doing was as short as possible. For this reason, HUE’s all-in-one package is a perfect educational tool that has already found market success.

Working with HUE made us question a lot of principles that we had taken for granted our entire design careers. Educational tools need to spend less time educating children and instead should let them discover the path for themselves. Already by breaking the ‘rules’ we are seeing some remarkable creations made with HUE!

At a business level this project delivered a very effective way to bundle intuitive UX software with a HD USB camera and achieve a very healthy margin.

Software for the HUE HD camera