Gloss Meter

Elcometer Instruments

Under the Skin

As market leaders in coating inspection, radar and metal detection equipment, Elcometer had the ambition to launch a new triple gloss meter into their portfolio. Having already prototyped the internal electronics, Elcometer commissioned Smallfry to create the exterior shell.

Elcometer product, designed by Smallfry
Sketch ideas for the Elcometer product

Aesthetic Development

To maintain a consistent ‘look and feel’, we carefully analysed aesthetic cues from a recently designed Elcometer product which had been very well received by the market, as well as other inspirational products. We then spent time moving through iterations of sketch concepts striving for a design which looked sleek but also robust enough to fit into a harsh, industrial environment.

Critical User Interaction

Far from just being a ‘skinning’ job, our clever design work was critical in also communicating the function and interaction that the user would experience.

A product designers hands building a product prototype

CMF Refinement

For instance, we designed the soft touch button panel to taper inwards which affords intuitive grip by the user. We also ensured that the glossmeter could only dock onto it’s calibration ‘boot’ in one orientation, and integrated the ‘boot’ profile to more of an overall harmonised form.

Design Delivered

Delivering a significant addition to the Elcometer product range. The gloss meter need to displays the distinctive brand colours of orange and black but also provides a distinct visual differentiation to competitors with a stylish, modern appearance and obvious functional benefits.

Elcometer product