Smallfry’s creative and innovation workshops are ideal for businesses who seek to transition from being GOOD to being GREAT. Give your team time away from the day job and offer them a safe environment where they can feel comfortable to let their imagination roam. We offer the perfect conditions to foster divergent thinking so ideas can flow freely and the more creative concepts have a chance to surface. From our vast experience as product designers we have become experts in the process of innovation and we’ve helped companies big and small drive new business growth. Through brainstorming, workshop exercises and ideation techniques, you and your team can learn new innovation tools and facilitate design thinking.

We create a high energy, collaborative environment that inspires and motivates both new and established teams. We’ll push your team to think differently and create a structure for developing creativity skills and business foresight. Our approach combines an entrepreneurial mind-set to seek out new opportunities with a practical, action-orientated approach to implementation. Smallfry tailor every creative workshop to meet the goals of each client so that you can generate the ideas you need. So speak to our experts today and set up an amazing day to inspire and excite your team! Give us a call for more information about our innovation workshops or drop us a message to and we’ll be in touch!