HD Audio Recorder

Cirrus Research

The Brief

Cirrus Research have a reputation for high quality, extremely robust sound level meters that contain class-leading technology. They wanted to develop their own custom housing for their new meters that would reflect this reputation and deliver innovative new features and functions across their range.

Cirrus HD Audio Recorder
Foam model of Cirrus technology

3 Stage Prototyping

As Cirrus’ first experience of manufacturing their own product, we used a 3 stage prototyping process to give Cirrus frequent feedback on the progress of the project.

Concept Development

One stage of the prototyping involved 3D printing selected concept designs for ergonomic and form evaluation in the studio. As a handheld device it was vital that the Cirrus was fined tuned ergonomically.

Prototype of Cirrus product
Cirrus HD Audio Recorder in-hand

Looks-like Model Making

To validate the design in its final stages and reassure the Cirrus team, Smallfry commissioned a 3D SLA model. This was transformed into a fully functional high appearance model by our in house model makers.


Smallfry sourced the manufacture of the housing on behalf of Cirrus, working closely with our Far East partners to oversee the preproduction stages, review off-tool samples, carry out controlled modifications and arrange shipping to the UK of the first batch production before hand-over.

Cirrus technology prototype