Britannia Pharma
Apo Pod

Why the Need?

Britannia embarked upon a design innovation project in partnership with Smallfry to make a pump system within a drug infusion set more portable and user friendly in terms of assembly, disassembly and usability.

Initial Sketchwork

Our designers create concepts using high quality sketching in order to pitch ideas within the studio. We’ve found manual sketching to be the fastest method of producing a broad range of concepts.

Concept Development

To transform selected initial ideas into considered designs, aligned with Britannia’s brief, the studio combined hand sketches with digital rendering to produce a client-ready visual.

Packaging Development

Smallfry were also enlisted to provide a complete packaging solution to attractively house and present the Pod along with its accessories. The design aimed to ease opening process for those suffering with conditions associated with the Pod.

User Led Design

Research and analysis was carried out into the apomorphine delivery process to identify common practice and key user needs. An in-depth understanding of the task, personnel, equipment and environment helped to realise the project with class 2a medical device outcome.