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The Double Diamond is a design process created by The British Design Council. It maps the stages of a design process and describes the modes of thinking that designers use. Understanding the phases of the Double Diamond and how they interrelate is important to new product development as it can help decide the right methods and directions to take for pursuing a problem of opportunity. Smallfry utilise the Double Diamond process to define strategy, set a vision and a plan to create an outcome. It is also a useful tool to explain the design process to clients and help them realise their opportunities. The Double Diamond Design Model is an iterative process and has 4 main stages: Discover, Define, Develop and Deliver.

Through the Discovery stage, designers seek to gather insights and develop new ideas for a project. This could include market or user research to define target markets and areas of improvement. The second stage of the process is the Definition stage, in which designers aim to pinpoint the fundamental design challenge of the project and define a clear brief from all the insights previously gathered. The third quarter of the process is the Developmental stage, where design-led solutions are created, prototyped and tested in order to improve and refine initial ideas. The final element of the Diamond is the Delivery stage, whereby a project is finalised and the product or service is launched into the target market.

The Double Diamond Design Process

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