9 Year Old Shares Ideas With Smallfry

Encouraging the next Great British Designer.

A few weeks ago, we received an email from a lady asking for help as her 9 year old son Jack is ambitious to be the next great Industrial Designer.

The email read…..

“Good morning,

I have a 9-year-old boy called Jack who is constantly designing and drawing lovely way-out-there things and then asking me to make them!! This has been fun in the past, but he is really getting frustrated and upset now as I am unable to make, for example, machines that metamorphasize into animals! Last night he cried himself to sleep as I tried to convince him that imagination and ideas are SO important and that science would catch up with him in time!  Can someone please drop him an email or a letter and help a 9-year-old boy keep on firing up his imagination and thoughts! I am at my wit’s end and hate to see him so frustrated.”

As a company that is passionate about working with our next generation of designers, we were delighted to receive the email and even more delighted to encourage Jack. We offered our help to Jack and his mum and received a reply that excited the studio, so the team suggested we invite Jack in during his next school holiday.

After replying to Jack’s mum, we received the following response…

“I’m a tad emotional that you have been so kind to reply.

The pictures below were fished out of the bin by me this morning – he had crumpled them up in tears and frustration. It’s a vest that you slot a disc into and you change into the animal that’s stored by DNA in the disc! I want him to keep designing, keep thinking of amazing things, but he gets so sad when we can’t make it happen! I don’t know enough physics to explain why.

He is a kind boy with 6-year-old twin sisters who he looks after beautifully. When I was busy with them as babies he started designing and drawing things to keep himself busy whilst I dealt with the twins. We’ve made lots of things over the years, but now we are entering the realms of Iron Man and I’m WAY out my depth!

If you could drop him a line to say you love his ideas and to keep on innovating and thinking outside the proverbial box he will succeed eventually!”

Jack’s mum sent us a drawing of some of his designs and the design team wanted to show Jack how sketches transform into software and then become initial prototypes. Jack’s concepts were put into Solid Works, then this was sent to the 3D printer so he could have his first initial prototype of his design.

Smallfry were delighted to host Jack at our studio and we hope he continues firing up his brilliant imagination. Maybe one day Jack will be completing his Industrial Design University placement year at Smallfry.