Medical Technology:
Anticipating The Future

Wearable Tech

The design industry has witnessed the rise in wearable technology and the increase in the competitive market for the likes of Smart Watches and Fitness Devices.

The Medical Industry

Wearable tech is taking over the healthcare industry and it could be significantly utilised in the medical industry also. It could revolutionise the tools and techniques used by doctors and surgeons, increasing patient care and improving the delivery of treatment.

Smallfry Creation

Smallfry have a strong background in wearable devices and as a result were commissioned by Imperial College London to investigate the possibilities of wearable technology. The design team use high quality sketching and marker rendering to demonstrate ideas internally. Our wearable device concepts provide a glimpse of what can be achieved, anticipating the future.

We welcome all enquiries into our design process and are enthusiastic about the ideas that are emerging for wearable technology and healthcare devices.

Our featured ‘robotic arm’ is available to see when exhibiting at various trade shows where you have the opportunity to engage with our team.