The Focus Is You

A collaboration between people (Me) and designers (You), working together to improve lives through innovation (We). Our current venture is focused around Ostomy Life where we have teamed up with Amy Care, a fellow Ostomist.


  • Get users at the centre of what ‘WE’ focus on
  • Improving lives by engaging real people through social media
  • Offer a space to be heard and valued, allowing users to be open and not ashamed – No different
  • Engage a growing community – No shame.

Amy Care

Amy has very kindly dedicated her time to provide insight and feedback for one of Smallfry’s projects for Ostomists. Amy’s story is below:

  • Diagnosed with Crohns in 2006, after suffering symptoms for over a year.
  • The Gastroenterology Doctor tried many treatment options over the past 10 years, however every drug tried suffered side effects and reactions.
  • Flare in 2015 – only realistic option was to remove the large bowel and create an ileostomy.
  • In 2015, Amy started her Stella Stoma page on Facebook, sharing her life as an ostomate.
  • In 2017, Amy created Midlands Ostomy and IBD Support Group

Amy now wants to work with Smallfry to help other Ostomists and make their lives easier on a daily basis.