Medical Product Design

Medical Device Design and Development

Smallfry’s medical industrial design combines over 45 years’ experience with innovation to produce ground-breaking medical products. Our innovative designers have developed scientific solutions that have been used across the healthcare sector, from industry professionals to patients. We’ve created sophisticated wearable technology, home monitoring devices, advanced surgical equipment, inhaler technology and drug dispensing and diagnostic tools for a range of clients. Great industrial design can bring new insight and improve healthcare systems in the UK. Therefore product development plays an important role in innovation within the industry. Smallfry are experts in the design and development of scientific devices and bring the experience to push the boundaries and make a difference to people’s lives.

Innovation that makes a difference

Our strategic approach to medical device design identifies challenges and opportunities to better develop medical devices, from concept to launch. We undertake comprehensive research and analysis to understand customer needs and as a result we deliver scientific devices that are built for the user. By producing prototypes early in the development process, we can mitigate risk of product failure and ensure ergonomic feasibility before moving to full-scale production. The Smallfry team of professional innovators, industrial designers and engineers constantly immerse themselves in emerging trends and styles so that combining technologies from different industries in new innovative applications is second nature. We’ll tailor our process to your needs and create a market-ready product to help you get you where you want to be.