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What does it mean to be fast?

When you clearly know what you need and you’re in a hurry, we can help.  With a focused vision of the outcome you seek, we can offer the full support of our experienced team to deliver what you want, when you want it at a price that’s right.

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I want to be Fast

With the market research covered, the strategy defined and the project objectives detailed, you may simply need to draw on the talent of people familiar with translating concepts and dreams into commercially feasible reality.  Our experts know how to turn an idea into a real thing.  When it’s time to make it tangible, functional and beautiful, it’s time to bring it to life Fast.

Design - Strategy - Research

The Fast Stage-Gate Process

The real value of 45 years’ experience is knowing how and when to do the ‘right thing’ at the ‘right time’  With a clear goal we can help build an action plan that will get you results, without compromising quality and effectively minimising the risks. We design products and services with a focus on making it real. Engineering, prototyping, and fabrication are fundamental components of our design process.

Product designs planning on paper

Assess each opportunity within the context of a dynamic marketplace & a broader view of the world
• Build knowledge and scope for innovation
• Identify and articulate emerging themes and directions
• Spot trends to foresee future product opportunities
• Highlight the elements that are critical to success

Post it notes for medical product design

Synchronise the innovation strategy & company vision
• Supporting your aims and objectives
• Confirm core strengths (and weaknesses) of your brand
• Translate marketing objectives into a product innovation plan
• Champion 'customer satisfaction' to build brand loyalty

Client meeting at Smallfry

Translating the vision
Judge opportunities within the context of competition, market dynamics and trends
• Market, product and competitor analysis
• Develop a 'consumer view' framework for product segmentation
• Build a picture of the market that is clear and addressable
• Identify which products best support strategic objectives

Smallfry team planning their next project

Real world
Use insights, category knowledge & supplier's experience to confirm the right product to offer
• Find sustainable competitive advantage
• Tap personal insights and experiences to excite and inspire
• Discover which features positively motivate customers to buy
• Establish exactly what customers really look for

Close up of a product designer sketching

Bring it to life
Establish unilateral buy-in prior to significant investment
• Communicate opportunities to the team
• Demonstrate the key areas of innovation
• Unite the understanding within cross-functional teams
• Use extensive manufacturing experience to ensure viability

Smallfry team using CAD

Control specifications, manage constraints, maximise customer proposition
• Development and validation
• Balance manufacturing feasibility with customer desire
• Manage details to ensure the ideas achieve full potential
• Systematically check to stay customer focused

A professional at Smallfry on the phone to a client

Deliver on time, in budget with maximum customer appeal
• Ensuring design intent is maintained
• Use experience to nurture design through manufacturing set-up
• Work in partnership to achieve 'win-win' solutions
• Stay customer focused

Fast Industrial Design Case Studies