The ability to spot new opportunities and harness resources to pursue them is a fundamental advantage for any organization, from blue chips to start-ups. At Smallfry we’ve been combining strategy and design for over 45 years. Our Created Futures™ innovation consulting and product development process rapidly identifies which ideas should be developed into product designs, propels these to realisation and gets them to market faster.

While known for our award-winning product design and engineering, along the way we’ve become experts in the process of innovation. Today we help clients like; M&S, GSK, the NHS, P&G, Boots, Unilever, PZ Cussons, Vax and Adidas to explore, define and exploit market opportunities. Our approach to strategic innovation is tried, tested and trusted to deliver excellent results and drive new business growth. 


We regularly work alongside groups of individuals from within an organisation, giving your teams a chance to collaborate and take part in a condensed, but fully immersive creative event, learning innovation tools they can reuse back in the ‘day job’.

With a structured future plotted out, steered by trends, drivers and technologies, teams can progress with their new product design strategy confidently, knowing that innovation is firmly embedded at the heart of all they do.


By harnessing intuitive ‘empathic’ skills to understand consumers’ deeper emotions, experience and level of engagement, we help you to uncover their reason to buy.  As experienced innovation consultants, we understand that a successful innovation strategy needs courage, tenacity and a blend of ‘Emotional Logic’.  While ideas come from individuals, innovation will need the committed effort of your whole team.

We will use our full conviction to ignite the passion of others and fuel that vital positive group dynamic. A clear and compelling vision brings focus to your activities. Focus gets the best out of the collective energy and resources available throughout your organisation. Energy, enthusiasm and support will rise as people recognise that progress is being made and see the connection between their actions on a day-to-day basis and the achievement of your goals and vision.


Created Futures™ offers skilled leadership to support your team to be more creative, entrepreneurial and build confidence. If you appreciate the power of inspiration and imagination but above all you value commercial results, this will help you.

Knowing it can be hard to agree what innovation is, and especially what it means for your organisation, we’ve refined our range of design-thinking tools to bring you an accessible way to manage strategic innovation successfully. We call this service ‘Created Futures™’.

Our workshops create an inspiring and collaborative environment where ideas can flow freely. We’ll help team’s unlock their potential and encourage innovation and divergent thinking so your business can transition from GOOD to GREAT.

A strategic framework that is bespoke to your business will help you discover, define, develop and deliver business opportunities and support future prosperity. We can offer guidance to help your organisation build an action oriented innovation process.

Smallfry’s ‘Bootcamp’ events apply innovation methods to real examples to identify practical solutions for development. It offers the chance to break away from the daily routine and learn how to apply acquired design thinking tools.

As both Managing Director of Smallfry and Chairman of the British Industrial Design Association, Steve May-Russell is regularly invited to share our views on the topics we’re passionate about. Join us for motivational lectures and lively debates and seminars.