Consumer Product Design

Quality Consumer Products

Smallfry understand that the consumer market demands constant innovation to succeed. With our vast experience in product design and engineering, we can deliver valuable research, user insight, prototyping, packaging and manufacturing to create a great consumer product. We immerse ourselves in your business, brand, market and customers to unearth insights and unlock the creative potential to put you ahead of the competition. We’ve worked with consumer brands across a wide range of industries managing tight technical briefs and budget constraints, getting desirable products to the market quickly. Take a look through our portfolio.

Innovation & Design Thinking

Whether you need help turning your idea into a great product or are looking for a fresh perspective to turn around an important project quickly, our innovators and designers can help. With a proven consumer product design and development process, Smallfry can uncover the customer’s true desires. We know how to truly leverage the value of human focused design into your business or marketing strategy and deliver innovative products to target markets. Because of our initial research and insights, we can also help plan your marketing and sales channel strategies based on achieving the highest marketing ROI for each of your target sectors. Get in touch today on 024 7654 5678!